Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Pure Bond Epoxy Kit 8 oz

Eco-Friendly, Zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Non-Toxic, Tested and Certified Safe. Made in the USA. Water based.  Provides a beautiful finish.
 Pure Home Paint & Finishes™ does not include the following toxic ingredients: formaldehyde, ammonia, acetone, odor masking agents, arsenic, lead, heavy metals, cadmium, methyl acetate, phthalates, and chemical residuals.

A 2 part water based Epoxy for use on paper, jewelry, tile, leather, wood, metal, textiles, Styrofoam, copper, polymer clay, rubber, gourds, plastic, foil, glass, canvas and even ink jet and laser prints.  Never have to worry about VOCs or BPAs again, no fumes, no heavy metals.

Strong/hard yet remains flexible
Mar resistant, Self leveling,
No bubbles
Glass like top coating,
For a thinner coat add water and mix
use full strength for a powerful
glue adhesive
Air Dry, 2 hour pot life
Soap/water clean up
Apply with brush, pallet knife,
wooden stick or roller
Waterbased VOC Free BPA Free Conforms to
ASTM D6886